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Small biz law was recently completed on my end of it a couple months back. The site is for a small business lawyer, Gil Sanchez of Tampa Bay. While I had fun designing the interface portion of it, I ran into some difficulties with the small details of the site. I would have liked to see a lot more design go into the blog portion of the site, and more SEO as well. But unfortunately time was up and I do hope that more work goes into the site. After all, it’s the best lawyer website on the planet right now! Unless someone can direct me to another site that looks as good as that one — for a lawyer. Website

One of my goals when designing an interface like this one is to keep the information presented clear and concise. For the most part, I think the design hits the nail on the head. With good direction from (The) Carl Vervisch, we all achieved a great functional site, and an ecstatic client. I wasn’t crazy about the color palette, but I think it works. I think I remember saying something like “This is the the most website looking website I have ever done.” Usually when I build interfaces, they don’t look like websites at all, they look like desks, or paper.. Or what have you!

Currently is being maintained by Social Forces on the social media aspect. I’m not sure who is doing the modifications on the back/front-end, but just to add more credit to the site– Jean-Baptiste of Cats Who Code did some custom WordPress applications, which I think he did a great job. I always love his development! I think the only issue we had with Jean was a few words in english that didn’t make any sense! :)

All in all it was a good project to work on and I’m glad to see the client happy. I just hope his marketing techniques are working. I look forward to more strategic websites like this one– but I do hope that I’m more involved in the planning stages. I’m very eager to help more small business owners out.

Check out the site at and let me know what you think!


  1. Kate Whatley says:

    Thanks again for your work on this project. As you mentioned, it was definitely a success in the eyes of the client — a site unlike any other law site out there. As an addendum to your post, we thought you’d be interested to know how the project has been progressing:

    – Search engine optimization efforts have been running continuously since the site’s completion, including keyword optimization, continuously updated content and social media outreach.

    – The marketing of the site, including various digital marketing efforts being undertaken by Social Forces, have been very successful. The site’s first and second-month traffic have been above all initial expectations, including qualified lead generation to the client.

    We’re excited to continue our efforts with SmallBizLaw. In particular, the new “EZ 2 INC” feature promises to offer a simple 3-step process to help Florida entrepreneurs incorporate their business, complete with a personal consultation, without ever leaving their home.

    Thanks again for your efforts. We’ll certainly call on you for any needs we deem appropriate as our work with the client continues.

    Kate Whatley, Social Forces

    • Alison Foxall says:

      Great Summary, Kate! I’m so glad to hear that traffic has been above goal! That’s fantastic!

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